BUL-Th-Port-4My research addresses intersectionalities between ‘new interculturalisms’, bodies, race, decolonialities, and gender identity-politics, and I contribute to the fields of diaspora and dance, contemporary South Asian dance and discourses on physical theatre/dance theatre.

My current book project titled Unmaking Contact: Towards a New Intercultural Politics of Choreographic Touch interrogates the politics of choreographing touch at the intersections of race, gender, nation, sexuality, new interculturalisms and decoloniaity, in order to reframe choreographic touch, ubiquitous feature of contemporary choreographies.

I am also currently involved in a British Academy Small Grant funded project titled ‘Contemporary Dance and Whiteness‘ alongside Drs Simon Ellis (Coventry) and Arabella Stanger (Sussex). The project’s aim is to examine race and racism in British contemporary dance and to critique whiteness as part of a commitment to the field’s anti-racist futures. The project examines whiteness as a structure of racism that exists in the relationships between personal prejudice, cultural norms, and the lived conditions of inequality and racial violence. The project team want to walk a fine line in understanding and critiquing the default presence of whiteness in the field of contemporary dance while centering practices of liberation and solidarity through which whiteness is to be dismantled.

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Speaker at American Studies Association Conference 2019, Honolulu (November 2019)

Speaker at Bodies and Performance Working Group of Theatre and Performance Research Association 2019, Exeter University (September 2019)

Co-Chair and Curator of ‘Decolonising Dance Discourses’ Dual Gatherings at Dance Studies Association 2019, Northwestern University (August 2019)

Invited Respondent to Prof Kehinde Andrews’ Keynote on Beyond Diversity: What Next at SCUDD Annual Conference, Sheffield Hallam University (June 2019)

Invited Curator and Chair of London Theatre Seminars Sponsored Roundtable (May 2019)

Keynote at SPA Annual Conference 2019, University of Malta (March 2019)

Speaker at Public Lecture Series, University of Wolverhampton (March 2019)

Speaker at Postgraduate Research Training Series, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama  (February 2019)

Speaker at National University of Ireland Galway, Research Seminar Series (January 2019)

Speaker at Society of Dance Research’s Choreographic Forum on XENOS, Senate House London (June 2018)

Curator of Akram Khan Company Panel on XENOS, Sadler’s Wells (June 2018)

Speaker at TECHNE, Doctoral Training Partnership Event, Royal Holloway University of London (May 2018)

Keynote at Performing Research Symposium, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (January 2018)

Keynote at Girls School Association Cluster, Pipers Corner School, Buckinghamshire (October 2017)

Keynote at University of Surrey’s Movement Symposium (January 2017)

Kingston University (2016)

Navadisha, South Asian Dance Conference, Birmingham (2016).

Brunel Theatre Research Seminars (2016)

University of Surrey (November 2015)

Brown University, USA (October 2015)

London Theatre Seminars (2014)

Brunel Theatre Research Seminars (2014)

Gdansk Dance Conference at Gdansk Dance Festival (2012)

University of Warwick, Drama Department Annual Research Seminar Series (2008)